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I recently got myself a steam copy of this game, and the free gift is going to my wife so we can both try to survive in a hostile world. Awesome fun. However the biggest bit of fun would be in our competition and comparison. So here are a few simple suggestions:

1) A high score list for steam users based on our account name and friends list. I'd like to be able to compare my longest survivals with other people I know who are playing. It would be nice if we could also attach a few screen shots to the high score from our map when we "die". We might show off our different farms and base camps, a screen shot of an awesomely easy or hard map (last map I died on had a giant spider nest to one side and a tentacle swamp to the other on day one), maybe a picture of what finally did us in . . .

2) Achievements . . . . steam users generally unlock achievements and this game screams for them. We don't simply need "reach day ten" achievements, but perhaps "kill all beefalo", "Build fifty pig houses on one map", "craft all available hats in a single lifetime" . . . the list can go on and on, but it's progress and being able to show off interesting things we've unlocked or encountered.

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Personally, one item I would like to be able to craft is a journal. 20 pages, 2 beefalo hides.

If you are holding it when you die it you become a ghost so you can travel anywhere on your map for 1 more day, when that time expires it takes a screenshot of where you are standing.

So what your saying? Well here's how its related to your post. After death, all your friends in steam could now dig up your journal from the graves in their games. If they use it, they get to see the screen shot that was taken. As well as a last entry is labeled day x. With x being the day you died.

Bam, thematic leader boards

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