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So, this game is pretty awesome. I love the art and the quirky style. There are, however, some annoying UX choices that don't make the game any more fun. They just detract from the experience.

Many people have talked about the notion of auto equipping. This just makes sense. If I build a tool, 99% of the time it's because I want to use it. To take that one step further, if I have an axe in my inventory and I go up to a tree, if i double click the tree or something, just have it switch to the axe. It's nothing but annoying to have to switch inventory items. If you really want to make us switch manually, then add hotkeys for the tools.

Honestly, the whole inventory section is just a pain.

[*]having the inventory at the bottom takes up too much space. I'm always having to close and reopen it. again hotkey?

[*]It's really hard to tell the difference between the tools with the fonts on top of them.

[*]How about putting the tools along the right side or the top for quick access?

[*] the build section on the left is much cleaner. Do we really need all the extra wrappers around the inventory on the bottom? It just makes it take up more space.

Inventory and tool selection is really my biggest complaint overall. It just gets in the way of the experience and clutters the ui. Please spend some time thinking of a better way to handle this part of the game There are tons of suggestions on the forum and I could go on and on, but the screen ratio just makes it to short vertically with the tool bar expanded which is basically how it is all the time.

Share save data and unlock info across computers!

Thanks for such a creative and fun game!

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