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I want to start out by stating the I very much enjoy Don't Starve. I have been playing for a few days now and I am completely hooked. Just a minor issue I am having that I would like to bring up. I have had multiple occasions where I was trying to cook/research items, but the character stands so close to the fire/science machine that I end up feeding him instead. This has been a very minor problem until today. I was on day 21 and doing very well, when I tried to research monster meat. The first one I researched was successful but I then clicked in the same spot to research a second one but instead my character ate the meat and died. I was just hoping that there would be some way to make it so it was easier to cook/research, as simple as putting some distance between the fire and character while he's cooking. (not needing to be so close to cook)


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I notice something similar, but find it happens to me mostly when I am cooking food, I will occasionally accidently eat a piece instead of cooking it.

I find that standing behind the object you are interacting with eliminates this issue as your character is in the background with the device your are using in the foreground blocking your character. Hope that helps.

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