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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title New Map Generator takes literally forever Steps to reproduce Create a new world using the new version (not the original default world generator) Describe your issue About 50% of the time when I create a new map using the new generator it will keep cycling the creation process indefinitely. Let it sit for 5 minutes+ trying to create the world. Would just continuously cycle the loading screen.
  2. While the idea of alliances would be an interesting mechanic, I feel that it would not fit in this specific game as you are one person and they (pig men, munkies, bunnymen, etc) are a happy, self-sustaining, and large in populous civilization. However, a mechanic that gauged how hostile your actions were to that race (i.e. mindless slaughter or moving in on their territory) might affect their neutrality to a war-like state and would be most welcomed. Rabbits might be an easy to get food source, but the warriors of the bunnymen kingdom might not stand by while their brethren are slaughtered by a wandering bearded beast. The escalation of enemies is an overall good thing and I personally would be very skeptical on the addition of a player finding other people. The game is not just of physical survival, but psychological as well. Plucking someone from civilization and thrusting them into a "Last Man or Woman on Earth" scenario is a huge mental strain. The developers have created a unique world full of bizarre creatures. The mysterious force in the darkness, the random graves with ghosts, and Soon the addition of a sanity meter really makes this more delving into survival of the mind rather than Gilligan's Island with monsters. I have had hounds attack me on day 2, which is way too Soon, but I think overall the time of attacks and intensity might be decided via the sanity meter mechanic. The increase in attacks coincides with the length of time in isolation. Is this really happening to Wilson? Are fire hounds really burning what little roots he is able to make? Are there really demons out there stealing his goods? Is there something in the darkness or is it all the imagination running wild? That is what makes the game truly interesting. As a pure survival game, once a base of operations is established, there is not much to worry about. The creatures provide much needed opposition. I think the premise behind the story mode will work very well while the execution (use of portals) may not. What if some impending doom is befalling the island and you have to get out of there asap: what do you take with? It could happen at any point and you do not know where you will end up next. It doesn't get more survival than that. The final story-mode version may or may not use portals to travel, but the core idea is solid. It is survival, but to the extreme. Players will hunker down for a long term stay, but will have to be ready to bug-out in case they are unable to defend their current location. The current roadmap for Don't Starve sounds very solid (http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?2832-Don-t-Starve-Roadmap) and I am looking forward to seeing the new additions.
  3. Nov 30 Hotfix

    I have yet to play with this new update, but from what I see it looks solid. Would change 1 or two things just looking at the numbers: -Agree with the other posts that 20 cycles is a bit high for grass. 10 cycles per fertilization is plenty. -Farm plots coming in at max fertilization when built seems a bit broken, especially when you just halved the fertilization building cost. Would make more sense to have them come in with the amount of fertilization that comes in to building the farm plot. Otherwise I could see a lot of people building the speedy farms and breaking them down to build new ones rather than fertilize them by hand to max. Now gonna go load up my game so I can play -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE - now that I have had a chance to play i see now that fertilizer adds 10 to a plot. This number also seems high considering how abundant the resource is. I think 5 would be a good number: enough to need to have some on hand, but not too much where you lose a day harvesting poo.
  4. From The Grave

    I was wondering about that. Looking forward to this addition to the game.
  5. I notice something similar, but find it happens to me mostly when I am cooking food, I will occasionally accidently eat a piece instead of cooking it. I find that standing behind the object you are interacting with eliminates this issue as your character is in the background with the device your are using in the foreground blocking your character. Hope that helps.
  6. I wanted to start a new game using the new mechanics so I experienced the full challenge. Here's what I ended up doing: Step 1) Find the Beefalo: besides a constant source for food and fertilizer, they act as a first line of defense against hounds. Hounds will attack Beefalo. When one Beefalo gets attack, its brethren respond in kind. Step 2) Setup camp by the cliff edge: provides at least 1 direction that hounds cannot attack in Step 3) Tree perimeter: while players can no longer build walls, it helps to serve a protection guideline for where to keep flame hounds at bay. While it may not be a solid wall, it still allows for minor directing where I have set up a bottleneck position as well as my step four... Step 4) Meat minefield: in a thin pathway of trees I have set up a long strip littered with meat morsels and the occasional bee mine in between. Meat keeps them distracted while the bees do their magic. Also prevents 1 hound from setting off all the mines at once. Step 5) Wilson: you are always the last line of defense, so I have sure to have 1-2 spare log suits and football helmets on hand (one that Wilson wears, one set to keep on hand in case durability fades mid combat, and 1 in camp side chest set up as a back-up back-up) Step 6) When all else fails there's always the next life: meat effigies ensure that if I get overrun that it is not the end of the world. For every established campsite, I make sure to have 2 of these set-up. And there is a second campsite set up in a completely different area. This way I can always regather my forces and take back any other campsites. Out of all the steps, step 4 is the most important because it is the most effective. I'm always hunting rabbits to keep the meat mines fully stocked. You can make do with very little offense as long as you have enough tasty distractions. Thought about adding pig bodyguards too, but it seems unnecessary with all the other measures in place. Plus piggies can be costly or unpredictable (full moon pending).
  7. Would be interesting if the game included a mechanic where pending the number of graves you dug up, it disturbed the dead. There is the occasional ghost right now, but it would be even more fun if they haunted your character during game, playing tricks on your mind thinking you are being attacked by monsters that aren't there or making your chests appear to be empty. Or the dead could come back to life in search of the items you pillaged from them, attacking the player and their camp until they get what they are looking for or are dispatched, especially those that happen to have amulets in their grave. Would be fun to have to fend off the forces of darkness ... no boom-stick required.
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Settings makes screen perma black Steps to reproduce 1) Start game 2) Enter settings during game play 3) Hit "Apply" to any setting (resolution, sound lvl, etc) Screen then goes dark (If in windowed mode, will temporarily fullscreen, then resize to previous size, but will still be entirely black) Describe your issue I was in the middle of playing the game post the latest update. I wanted to change the sound settings while I was playing. When the new settings were applied, even though it was just the audio settings, the screen resized itself from window mode to full-screen mode, then back to window mode. When the game returned to window mode, the screen had turned black. No graphics, no menu, no error message, just a blank window. Attempted to change the settings from the Main Menu instead. Same problem happens. Running through Steam. Windows XP. Meets all the requirements to run the game. Game was running fine before the Nov 27th patch; then ran into issues after the patch. Have reinstalled game, verified game files, and updated the C++ and DX Setup. These steps did not resolve the issue.