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Well I started playing Don't Starve about two months ago and decided to buy Mark of the Ninja during this week's sale. I played the game until I finished it without stopping to eat or to drink. AWESOME! The great critics were all true it is an awesome game. I bought two more copies of the game and gave them to my brothers as a present, thanks for this game and I hope there will be a Mark of the Ninja 2 soon, with more levels and equipment.

and dresses with special abilities? ;)
. Also a level editor would be great for guys who like to make a level themselves! I love Klei Entertainment. Seriously =)
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Hello i loved your game mark of the ninja and the story is mind blowing and you can also make part two if you take the seconed we can see he has became the demon and banised you can start the second story from their he ask the other nijas to come with him or die some come with him and the others will be killed meanwhile one of them survive or come to meet his master which he see ding and the master tell him to kill the demon and give him the ink and pics of the marks some marks are differt from the perviose person and have some uniqe abilete. he gose to take his master revange and to fight with the demon and also be a demon by himsele. if you like the story or ask any thing plz masg if u dont like no problem but make the second part of the game.

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