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Title Image for Raven's Dott Society (Spoilers for My Fan Fiction!)

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You see, awhile back I said I would make some drawings for my fan fiction. That was also when I thought I had actual drawing ability. So, I've decided to scrap the idea of drawing images for inside the fiction. But, I thought of a genius idea. One image, sort of like a book cover, for each volume. One for volume one, one for volume two, ect. Then I remembered I am not very good at drawing. So, I am requesting that the best artists (ie: everyone but me) draw up some cover drawings. Note, you do not have to do it (how could I make you?), and if you do not agree with this, just ignore it. You also do not have to submit a drawing for all 3 volumes. You can chose any volume you'd like. You can do as many as you want. I will have some options for each volume. I will chose one winner for each volume, and one runner up. All credit will be given to the one who drew the picture. And if someone wins one volume, that doesn't mean they win the others instantly. Thank you for your cooperation, and for inspiring me to continue what I enjoy: writing! Also, some of the options may hold potential spoilers, so be warned! And for my character, Will, ignore my avatar. That is not what he should look like, that is the other Will. I have to many me's. You can make him look like anything but my avatar, as it is a different person. Thanks, and sorry for all of the rules. To avoid being self centered, I will replace any instance of "me" with Will.Volume One:1. Will standing in front of the Doorway to Adventure.2. Will in monster form.3. Maxwell holding a Harlekin puppet.4. Anything of your choice that happens in Volume One.Volume Two:1. Will lying unconscious in the Don't Starve World.2. Will fighting the Deerclops3. Waclaw vs. Evil Will4. Will falling into the Don't Starve Ocean5. Child Raven and Will6. Will and Mallory vs. the Insanity Beings7. Harlekin vs. Beta Reaper Waclaw8. Anything of your choice that happens in Volume TwoVolume Three:1. Will vs. Them2. Will, Half Demonized Dark Will, and... uh.. Observer Will?3. Raven Confronting Maxwell in the Portal Room4. Maxwell destroying a dimension5. Landore, Will, Raven, Mallory, stormfront, and Ludwig grouped together.6. Will vs. Maxwell7. Will vs Bunzilla8. Will vs The Serpent9. Will vs. Fully Demonized Dark Will10. Will and the Nightmare Throne11. Anything of your choice that would make sense to happen in Volume Three, or that has happened in Volume Three.There are no restrictions on references, how characters are drawn, or which event you chose. As long as it is on of the choices above, it will work. Anyone can enter. The time limit is 2 and 1/2 weeks, and then I will start the poll for winner.

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