Wade the Chimney Sweep

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Here's a potential character I came up with:

Wade the Chimney Sweep.

Description: Pretty much what you'd expect: An old-time chimney sweep, covered in soot and dressed in raggedy clothes.

Here's a picture I drew (not the best, but I'm no artist :D): DontStarve.jpg

Here's a little analysis a made for the finer details, as well: DontStarveAnalysis.jpg

Here's my source of inspiration to see what I was going for:


As far as abilities go, I'm not too sure. I thought a few ideas, though. Lemme' know what you guys think:

Possibility 1: Can "soot up" when near fires, making him less conspicuous to enemy creatures (Soot-camo anyone?) for a period of time (maybe a day?).

Possibility 2: If damaged when unarmed, Wade releases a puff of soot that dazes enemies for a moment. I think this should only work when unarmed, otherwise it could be pretty overpowered in combat.

Possibility 3: When chopping trees, Wade has a chance (possibly 100%?) to have charcoal drop, even if the tree was not burned. It doesn't seem *too* useful now (although charcoal is a good fuel source), but possibly in the future when there are more uses for charcoal this may work.

Possibility 4: Wade is extremely efficient at keeping fires going! Fuel is 2x-3x as effective when playing as Wade (might be stepping on Willow's toes a bit).

Possibility 5: This is a total crap-shoot: Maybe Wade could have the ability to climb trees or houses, revealing more of the map than normal. I'm not sure if the engine can support this or not. Also, this could be used to avoid enemies which is pretty OP.

These are just a few ideas I came up with. An old-timey chimney sweep really seems like a perfect fit for the steampunk/victorian vibe this game has going.

Please let me know what you guys think!

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