Will The Human Beefalo

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This is my idea for a character

Name: will

Look: short Brown beefalo fur with a Sweater vest only and Beefalo horns

Special stuff: He can cut off his horns and use them as knives and can shave of his fur and use it

Horns: start with no horns or day 2 the have stubs after day 6 you have horns you get 2 horns per harvest

Wills wool will grow on day 1 hes has a little and can be shaved off for 1 Beffalo on day 6 he has more for 3 beefalo fur on day 12 he has a furry body and can drop 8 beefalo fur on day 20 for 14 beefalo fur on 25 you get 18 beefalo fur on day 30 you get 22 beefalo fur.

Knife: to build a knife you need one beffalo horn and a piece of wood it goes down 2 durability per swipe it deals a good amount of damage

sweater: made out of 3 beefalo fur and a needle

Needle: made from one flint

blanket: a needle and 4 beefalo Fur

Seasons will be added so that shaveing his body can make him cold in the colder seasons and get him sick and in the warmer seasons if he has less fur he will stay healthy and not get tired.

Spring: you can have any amount of fur you want it wont affect you

Summer The less the better you dont want to sweat on your shiny Sweater do you?

Fall: you should try to keep a normal coat of fur on

Winter: Holy its cold pack up that wool so you dont get sick

when you shave him he only shaves down 1 level if you shave him 2 times it goes shorter and so on

Thank you

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I was under the impression everyone was sent to this relm from victorian london and its a strange new world with crazy animals like beffalo instead of buffalo. I still think in addition to having to have a "W" at the start of there name they have to deserve being sent there to some degree as well.

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