Snakes - in grassy areas, hiding in tall grass, snaketrees, etc.

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I'm surprised that there are no snakes of any kind - poisonous or otherwise in Don't Starve. With all the birds and rabbits, I'd expect more predators than the spiders alone.

Now, snakes are usually very retiring and cautious, only threats if they're being threatened. But if someone almost steps on them, or say, harvests a clump of grass in which they're sitting, many poisonous snakes would give a warning to drive off threats before retreating.

So, what if there were:

- Grass snakes, which can't be seen (or are very well camouflaged) sometimes appear and wriggle away when harvesting grass or walking through grassy areas.

- Poisonous snakes (rattlesnakes?) initially appear like grass snakes in the general environment, but coil threateningly and rattle if interacted with; if the player doesn't back off, or acts in a hostile manner, they bite!

- snakeskin might be an interesting resource, found rarely in the environment as a cast-off or taken from dead snakes

- rattles from poisonous snakes, maybe extracted venom?

For a weird fantasy angle, snaketrees might be a rarely-spawned feature of certain biomes.

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I wouldn't mind the inclusion of rattlesnakes, as they would give a degree of warning to players running across the islands. And in turn, make players a tad more cautious about how they progress across the landscape.

In other threads I discussed either making spider poisonous, or adding a new poisonous spider type. The purpose being to allow players to extract poison for their darts, and naturally Kevin later confirmed that darts were being included in the next update. Snakes could be anotehr source for poison however.

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