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I found myself quickly without flint on the start Island (still 12 or so total), but i stayed there.

So i ended up -starting- with a campfire, a chest, and relocating grass/twigs with a bit of wood left (7blocks or so)


- I camped between 5 bunny holes, which gave me plenty to do at night trapping those

- Berry bushes were just lazy additions

- Pigmeat worked out fine as well


- 10 rows of 10 grass, great for every day (4 spades or 8 flints)

- 3 rows of 10 dry twigs, more than plenty (1 spade + 20% of a spade or ~2 flints)


- Pigs are great workers, you hit a tree once, they'll give you a whole forest

- 5+ Pigs will kill Spidermonsters or tenticles without a problem

- Any pig who died at the end of the day gives a nice meat meal (in addition to morsels)


- Easily relocated using an army of pigs

# Their meat give 5 research, that is on average 40-50 per full grown nest daily

- Find a sweet Island, relocate every spider to it ... and you can roam any time of day


- stone campfire (about 2 flints needed) with 10 dried grass for about 8 hours of fire

- 2 torches for a whole night of 4 hours (6 dried grass, 4 twigs)

No need to run towards camp at night


- Make an open campfire and run around the fire. Easy peasy, enjoy the fire show.

Reason I died:

I shaved a couple of buffaleens and wore the resulting hat. Somehow they got mad about that at me.

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I think you may of posted this on the wrong forum, but if you didn't, what are you suggesting?
I think you may of posted this on the wrong forum, but if you didn't, what are you suggesting?

Its hard for me to make a suggestion. I enjoy the ease at the start, yet I rather see I'm doing it because of what will be coming. Now I can go out hunting with my pigs to make it save in a month or so. With 5 pigs at least i can clean out a couple of spidernests or tentacles a day.

What do i suggest to that? I do not know :-(

Pigs only love scrambled eggs and bacon? Bunnies prefer not to peek out of their holes close to campfires at night? To much grass together might cause fires on Sunny days?

I really don't know :-(

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