Interesting Survivor Style Collab Lets Play Idea


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This came to me just now while playing.

Why don't we make a group of us who enjoy LPing the game get together (maybe five or six of us) and each record, and commentate our survival day by day, in Roleplay form?

For Instance..

"I better grab those berries if I have any chance of making it through the night, I can hear my stomach rumbling now."

We each record 10 or so minutes of each day, and I will edit all the videos in together thus making Six Player's first day, an entire island's first day. These six people will never see or hear each other, but make little comments about trees being cleared out that they once saw there before on their island.

When one of the LPers or survivalist dies, that's it. Perma-death. He's off the project. and it continues until there is only one left.

So in a way, it's Survivor: Weird Ass Island.

Anyone interested?

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Hello! i am goign to start a new lets play for my channel and a collab would sound so awesome. Great way to spread my name around as well as all of yours! To check out my other work here you go:

im working on my lone lets play tomorrow and uploading then. Please email me at for my skype and such :) thx ~ Tristen

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