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V. Wright and Trent T. [Characters]

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They have always been together. Sometimes fighting, but mostly getting along together. In times of fear, they feel more secure when side by side. This is a co-op idea [YES, I KNOW, NO MULTIPLAYER, I GET IT.] about how two boys, who are both weak in their own rights, much strive to thrive together alone.

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Science, computers, art. If it wasn't for his social issues, his learning disability, his laziness and his mediocre wealth, then he would he off on his own easily. He thinks he's too smart for most of the people in school, but is on equal, if not less, intelligent to his friends. It's a modest ego. He loves science, computers, and animals. Wanting to become a veterinarian, he has an aggressive side to people, but a passive side for all else. Studying and doodling about this mythical creatures called "TallBirds", and their young, which folk lore calls "SmallBirds". His more close with his brother than anyone else, and problems aside, he always says sorry in the end [and not just because he's Canadian]. His stomach, though... is a huge pit. Vincent is a slob, barely can run and snacks way to often. Vincent, however, CAN ration on no food for a while, after a meal, but still needs sustenance often. He also is quite unbalanced with his mind. He can crack fairly easily out of anger, and go insane, but when he has time to himself, he can quickly regain his thoughts. Overall, he's quite... different.


Still quite young. He goes outside to play with the neighbours. He doesn't make friends at school easily, but his social needs are always kept in check. For being unfit, he sure goes out a lot to play! When he's not playing, he's on the computer, usually playing Mineblocks or Jerry's Mod. He doesn't seems to like new clothes, he doesn't realize that none of his shirts goes beyond his belt. At school, he's usually good, but tends to avoid doing homework. When hurt, he can be unpredictable, such as when his brother scares him [which he does constantly], Trent's fast reactions are quite noticeable. Trent also eats out of boredom. It keeps him amused, just snacking on what there is. From junk food to fruits and vegetables. When around his brother, he can't help but share his amazing day with him! Sometimes, he talks a little too much, but it's good to know that he's content and feels secure around his older brother. Overall, he's too young to really rely on one personality trait. Such as with Vincent, he's always changing.



If this was implemented into Don't Starve [shut up, I already know that there is no multiplayer and never will be], if would be the "co-op mode". One player would have to play Wright, while the other would play Trent. They both are weaker, have less health, have less hunger and have less sanity, so both players would need to stick by each other for survival! If only a single brother loses sanity, hallucinations will only attack that single brother. If one of the brothers dies, the other will depressingly give themselves up as well. This gamemode would make for some interesting times.

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