Variation in Terrain Height

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I thought about this a while ago. The game appears to be already in 3D (look at the shores, how the islands are "raised" from the ocean) but all this may be simply accomplished by deforming 2D objects mathemagically.

If it is indeed in 3D, having altitude variations in specific biomes would add a lot to the worlds atmosphear.

[*]Swamps could be naturally deeper than the rest of the biomes, hence the trapped water and muddy terrains.

[*]Green fields and forests could have mild elevations.

[*]Hay fields may remain flat.

[*]The rocky island could become a mountain of sorts, being more elevated towards the middle, explaining both the rocks and the birds.

This would give much more relevance to the rotate function (which will hopefully be move to Q&E instead of the arrow keys).

As I said, this would add a lot to the game's feel, if it's doable that is.

Makes sense... other than just randomizing the entire map with incline and declines just to make it look 3D is not feasible... but with a systematic incline and decline we can control how much of 3D maybe required to make the game look even better...

but overall an incline or decline of landscape wouldnt change the gameplay in anyway.. so it's kind of a unnecessary update... and imagine the entire world being randomly inclined and declined... *headaches

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