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Hey! New user, really enjoying the game. I have some suggestions for it's improvement. They are basically random thoughts with no logical order to them. Here we go.

- Add more characters...adds lots of incentive for replay

- Willow's fire should be able to cook food

- Really, any fire should be able to cook food, even a forest fire

- Add some sort of house structure that slows hunger and recovers health. Add an emphasis on exploration through hidden treasure, enemies, bosses, other secrets spawned in the world to add incentive to leave the base.

- EXP should unlock certain starting items for new playthroughs, not just characters. (But like I said before, MOAR CHARACTERS).

- EXP should be unlocked through survival and finding aforementioned treasure/killing enemies/bosses etc.

- Add statistics to the game over screen. Enemies killed, items crafted, days survived, and EXP earned through each mentioned category.

- Keep characters mysterious. I like the whole atmosphere of you have no idea who these people are and why they're here.

- Reduce farming please. It's fun at first but once I get a base set-up, I would prefer to explore the islands. I can't do that if I constantly have to farm for food everyday. Maybe some structures could continually produce food in certain time-frames?

- Add some sense of progression throughout playthroughs. I know they are getting rid of the RP, and that's fine, but maybe replace it with something else. Maybe keep portions of the map filled on the same world?

- Add a pre-emptive cure for Werepigs that can be added in built pig houses.

Will add more as I think of them. Thanks!

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I like most of these ideas, but i dont think willows fire & forest fires should be abled to cook food, have you ever tried cooking a steak on a burning tree?

Okay, maybe not trees, but you know how regular items can burn? We should be able to cook items on those. Like a log. I've cooked food over a log before. Delicious.

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