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the science machines could actually work

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The title may not really explain it but i think i found out how science machines and alchemy machines could work in real life. This may not be right but i just thought of it when bordem was happening. Science machine: i theory is, on the back of the science machine there is a square hole like almost as big as the base of the science machine is, you put your stuff in. pull the lever, ropes using pulleys make some rocks tied on rope comes falling down of what you put in the hole and you study the crushed partsAlchemy machine:you flip the glass thing open like a hatch, slide your item in threw the hole use those to top yellow ball things and crank them, this sort of acts like a blender, after down using that blender thing for a little while. look through the glass this. this acts sort of like a telescope thing, allowing you to be able to study it better since you can see it up close.

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