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Question about Wolfgangs Ability

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Gosh darn yeah i screwed the name up and caused a lot of cunfusion i apoligize for this so i this is the reason why i make this thread again but now with the right name!

So again i noticed that on Wolfgangs description is writen he hits harder now is my question what means harder i tested it by fighting some spiders and they still take 2 hits with a spear so im a little bit cunfused how much extra dmg Wolfgang does

So far my test with how much i need to hit what monster (with a spear) (i also only tested it on small monsters because i forget to count hits when i fight tentacles pigs and treeguards)

Normal Chars (Wilson Willow etc)

Spider 2 hits

Bees 2 hits

Rabbits 1 hit

Gobbler no idea


Spider 2 hits

Bees not tested it yet

Rabbits 1 hit

Gobbler 1 hit

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