Rayman in Don't Starve - Let's Play!


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As a fellow LPer, I really wish you'd stop posting every new episode. Especially since you chose not to take advantage of either of the other LP video posting threads. If people like the first video they'll watch the others. The only three posts you've ever made are these and not to be an ass but you're either contributing to the community or just here to push your videos. Just some friendly feedback, I got a jump in my views but I'm much smaller than you and I only did it once, people will subscribe or seek out the videos if they like it.

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If there was a dedicated LP forum, I would be happy to post there (I checked, there wasn't - really would wish one did exist though!)

Also in my experience, people who find an LP on a forum tend to watch the thread and get the episodes there.

And as for no "other posts" - I tend to avoid reading too much about a game I am LPing, as I prefer to discover things in-game and avoiding others posts is a good way to avoid these spoilers.

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