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Wither's Guide to Shades

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As a shade myself, I thought it might be good for Earth's well-being to release this guide to the general public. It delves into one of the more unknown and mysterious demon races: Shades. Shades do not belong to any specific demon class, but are usually considered Shadowlanders. (For more information on the demon types, read Stormfront's Guide to Demons) Shades can only be created using a complicated and difficult spell, much like Atronachs. However, while summoned Atronachs can only exist for a short period of time, a Shade can live for hundreds of years or until it is killed. There are four different types of shades: Spawner shades, Warper shades, Warrior shades, and Swallower shades. There are also renegade shades, but we will get into them later.

Shade Types

Spawner shades are usually used when one would like to quickly raise an army. Spawner shades are stupid, and they have very mediocre combat skills. The reason they are good for armies is because each spawner shade can summon two more shades. Those shades can summon two more shades. It just goes on and on. However, if the creator of the first shade is killed, the entire army will evaporate. Also, if the source shade (The first shade to be created) becomes Enlightened, the entire army shall go renegade on it's master. No summoner has ever survived this occurrence. If this happens, the death of the master will cause the entire army to vanish as well. These factors make raising a Spawner army very risky.

Warper shades are the most simpleminded of the shades, and yet one of the most dangerous. They are dangerous because they can shape shift into terrifying monsters. While they are not to be confused with Hallucinations, who only appear when somebody's mind is breaking, they can take shapes not unlike the hallucinations do. Warper shades hold no allegiance to anybody and can only just be controlled.

Warrior shades are the most honorable and wise of all the shades. While their name implies they are fighter, which they are, Warrior shades also spend much time in libraries, researching and learning the truth. Warrior shades are more likely to become Enlightened than any other type of Shade. However, if they remain true to their masters, a Warrior shade can be a close ally and a great friend until the end of your life.

Swallower shades are the most evil and malicious of all shades. They are cunning and powerful, and they also have a distinct hunger for flesh. I have seen, in the lairs of Swallowers, huge chambers where humans and demons alike are tortured by the Swallower's minions. The follower first drains their power, and then it feeds off their fear. Once the prisoner is broken, it will be dragged by the Swallower into the deepest pit of it's lair, where it will swallow them whole. It is most likely the worst way to die on this earth.


Rising is a Shade's journey to becoming a Daemon. Rising consists of three steps: Enlightenment, Rebirth, and Limbo.

Enlightenment is when a shade accepts or becomes aware that he or she has done evil and that they must change. While this sounds easy, most Shades are very prideful and do not want to truthfully admit that they are evil. When this happens, the shade will go into a deep coma in which it learns their entire past and what they must do to change. That is why it is called "Enlightenment". When a shade goes through this, they are evermore considered "renegade shades".

Rebirth is the effort the demon makes to try and do good. Rebirth can never be completed or it could be completed in an hour. It just depends on the shade's will and effort.

Limbo is the final and most difficult part of Rising. The shade will fall into a deep, deep sleep. They will have a dream so vivid it will seem like real life, and this is Limbo. Whilst here, the shade must go through all their evil deeds and try to reverse them in as good of a way as they can. If a demon should fail or die in Limbo, they will die in the real world as well. Limbo is very risky, but if a shade gets through it they full Rise and become a Daemon. When a shade Rises, all their wounds, mental or physical, will heal. They will also become more powerful, and will serve as a strong force for good until the end of their now-thousand-year lifespan.

The Watchers

I write the following part with great reluctance. The Watchers are pure evil, and just saying their name makes the air feel poisoned. Most of the following information I gained from Maxwell himself. The rest, I'm afraid, is from personal experience. Nobody knows what the Watchers look like, as they can never touch light. "Light burns their flesh and damages their mind." -Maxwell. They are purely creatures of darkness. While we may never see them, we can certainly see their evil and brutality. If you should be caught in the dark without light, the Watchers will come for you. My theory is that due to their massive power, they need energy. Therefore, they created the Islands. A trap, a farm if you must, for energy. The Watchers are also vile as while they drain energy, they feed on fear. Then, if someone cannot survive when night comes, the Watchers will...no, it is too vile to speak of...the Watchers will drain every drop of blood from their bodies. If that is not sick enough, the Watchers make art of their corpses, to warn us that we can be killed by them any time.

If the Watchers are especially hungry, they shall send shadow hands towards your fire to extinguish it. In every town you will hear many variations of Shadow Hand stories, but all of them say one thing: they play a haunting melody as they come for you. Like a music box. Very few people have survived being "reached for", and they all are insane. The only information I have gained from them is these words, the same over and over:

"The music! It never stops!"

It seems that they must listen and be reminded of their experience over and over, effectively driving them mad.

As you can see, the Watchers are some of the most vile creatures on our planet. If what I have told you isn't bad enough, they are very smart, and have deep plans. We, the survivors, must be careful, for these creatures are ruthless and care not for us. We must find a way to defeat them if we ever wish to escape...

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