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  1. Is Blewcheese participating in this too? If so, then the three of us shall revive this thread!
  2. Would you carry on with the story please? Right now we're just talking randomly... and we don't know the story so...
  3. "Holy mother of God... but you can still be killed by fire!"*Starts eating the rabbit*
  4. "Alright, punch something as hard as you can."
  5. "Well you try to do something better out of some rope made out of grass, a stick and a piece of flint."
  6. "Yes. Is there a problem?"*Throws the spear at a bunny*"See?"*Picks up the bunny and starts to cook it*
  7. "Us?"*Picks up a long stick and makes a spear*"Ye-he-ha! Well I'm armed."
  8. joonfish25


    Lol, there's multiple RP's created a day and all of them die... I'll pass.
  9. "...... okay..... but you're gonna be the tester! I ain't getting on that chopper unless I know it's safe."*Finishes making rope, picks up the flint he had dropped ealrier and is now looking for more branches*(Btw, immichael, your character seems kind of OP...)
  10. "How are you gonna do that? You have no electricity or anything here..."*Starts to make rope out of the grass*
  11. *Gets some grass and twigs, makes a trap.**Places the trap over a rabbit hole.*"That's my rabbit trap. If anyone goes near it, they're dead. Oh yeah!"*Smacks michael in the back of the head*"That's for punching me! If I wouldn't have chopped a tree down, you wouldn't be cooking anything right now!"
  12. "No, I am a guy that can do THIS!"*Frees self and sets the treeguard on fire*
  13. *Frowns**Picks up the flint and makes a nice campfire*"See? This is a fire! And If I take this..."*Takes another branch*"And do this..."*Makes a torch*"I can easily burn you down, little magic tree guy." "You can't even hurt a fly."*Laughs*
  14. *Finally cuts the tree down*"What? You have like thousands of them here."*Starts cutting down another tree*