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Ocean biome idea that hit me

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I was just thinking about the ocean and then got brainwaves of ideas. I hope this post inspires either klei a modder or even just more ideas to flow around. 

Here is the concept art of the biome. I will go in more detail under it.


Ignore my terrible handwriting and mid designs. I'm not an artist:wilson_wink:.

Sweadbulb - a lightbulb on the sea that changes each season. Blooms on spring and wilts in summer. I beleive this would work as the caves would be moist along with the sea which is why lightbulbs dont exist on land. Gives caveless players another source of bulbs aswell. I'd like to imagine it blinks like a light house especially in winter. Would spawn butterfly in spring and be harvested for reeds in all seasons, lightbulbs in all but summer, and spring would give sanity and a petal. 

Sunshellfan- would be a coral that loves sun. Mimics shell bells by making notes when daylight changes and would be another source of shells and barnacles. Said notes would be based on its color and colors would be based off of current shellbells. If using an axe the coral would drop its whole stock with a low chance. It would double that chance in summer due to the plant being larger due to excess sun. Would be unable to be harvested in winter. 

Sunshellfan bugnet - obtained using an axe it would be crafted with a gnairwale horn for the handle, the sunshellfan stock  for the net, and 2 rope and 5 shells. An "upgraded" bug net that would spoil over time but would spoil slower in rain. Lasts a decent while (idk how I'd balance the time) and can be bundled giving it a good use to catch multiple things. 

Sleaurtle - a sea version of the slurtle and snurtle, perfecting the trifecta of hand chest and head slot. A sleaurtle sheild would drop and act either like the sheild of terror or battle rond doing decent damage due to barnacles and rocks on the shell. Would have alot of durability to compensate the effort of killing them. Sleaurtles would eat rocks or barnacles but would roam around their mounds by wiggling.

Sleaurtle can spawn like a gnarwail and will be seen eating off of seaweeds and being attacked by them. They will also eat barnacles off of boats (explained this later down below). At night sleaurtles will look at the sweadbulb in a mesmerized like state. The blinking is just too cool! Sleaurtles will attack the player if they take barnacles off their boat unless using the slimy salve on them otherwise they are very passive.

Sleaurtle mounds will drop shells as they are made of them, fossils and slime. This makes fossils renewable and accessible to non cave players. Slurtle mounds as a result would also drop fossils but regenerate extremly slow, slower than the sleaurtle mound. Sleaurtles will stay in their home often in winter and always at night in summer. In winter sleaurtles that are out will simply hide in their shell until night (blinking lights!). 

The biome itself would be found by looking at nearby munched seastacks showing that you are close to it. The biome can spawn in deep ocean and will generate shallow water. The plants can be moved to shore but they can't be uprooted by a trident so it would require alot of effort to get them to shore (will uproot if by boat however). The biome also increases the spawn of fish and an ambient noise of shellbells in the backround. 

Barnacles on boats as stated above sleaurtles would eat them. They would spawn on a MOVING boat over time slowing it down but giving it a sheild like shellbell or kelp bumper. A nice bumper but can be removed with a razor at the cost of 1 hp (or more) for barnacles or with sleaurtles. 

This is all my head came up with for a moment but if you have ideas shoot them below and thank you for reading this!

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