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Benny makes a Charlie cosplay

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OK so ive been wanting to cosplay Charlie for a little bit, but as the little cosplay perfectionist I am, im aiming for the concept of keeping the character in the time period rather than doing exactly what she looks like ingame.
So this means I have to do a bunch of research about the 1900s-1910s (which is, unfortunately, a very obscure and not easily researched time period), so i have to reach out to the 1910s-1920s, and a little into the Edwardian era when need be. I know very little about these time periods. Im also much too lazy to talk about what ive found and info ive dug up so heres my ideas so far;

I traced my own figure (on the right), then narrowed the waist down slightly further as if i was wearing a corset.
Ill be wearing a corset, and make a blouse from the 1910s (but exclude the sleeves) that has a lace neck that goes all the way up, and flares out ever so slightly. The dress itself is three parts; The grey underskirt will button around my waist as they did in the time, the black overskirt will either be part of the vest or also button around my waist, then the vest itself will be embellished with some black lace, since that was quite common for dresses at the time.

The hat is just a simple pillbox hat (which is from the 30s but honestly i couldnt find anything closer) with a large red ostrich plume attached to it. It would be attached to a headband. I bought ten red plumes from amazon and theyre exacly what i needed, and im slowly collecting the things i need for this cosplay so it doesnt end up being hundreds of dollars. I also plan on modelling and 3d printing the tragic torch at some point. Her makeup is going to be a bit difficult to figure out since its pretty hard to see the makeup of showwomen from that time period, but from what ive seen its pretty close to what she has.

As of right now, im going to focus on trying to find and possibly purchase patterns and make a mockup dress before using the nice expensive fabric.

I will also have to get a black wig, as I am a brunette. The hairstyle of the time that i found the most similar were certain images of a pompadour, which went all the way from the Edwardian era to around the 10s-20s. Some of those hairstyles look very similar to what she has, I will simply have to figure out which one and how style the wig.


If anyone else is able to dig up similar styles to charlie that are in the 1900s-1910s that would be pretty cool, since im still iffy on the neck and wrists.


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I plan on stacking two feathers on top of each other to simulate having one thick feather, since its really hard to find just ONE red plume at a decent price, not including $50 shipping yeesh. The feather with and without a slightly smaller one stacked on top. I chose the most untrimmed looking feather since it felt more lush and 1900s-y. Theyre longer than they look in the photo lol



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Posted (edited)

Wig came in!! I plan on styling it with a pompadour and rolls much like the other image attached. Dont worry about how bad the style is right now, that was me quickly slapping something together to see if my idea would even work lmao. Im going to have to hide the hairline of this wig since its very strange so the rolls are going to have to droop down a bit. The middle part on this thing is never going to come out so i have to work around that


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Update! I think i managed to get all the fabric I need because conveniently a fabric store somewhat near my place was closing so I got banger deals. Just finished a test skirt made out of the cheapest fabric they had. It has the scouts oath on it lol. Camera wont show it though. Didnt bother hemming it up to the right height so its a bit long. Got my actual fabric all cut and ironed and the grey skirt part of the dress should be finished soon (my camera is trash I apologize in advance). The skirt tutorial i found was this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFpB9yS12PU. Im not making it nearly as short, though.




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The grey skirt is finished! Managed to find a grey thread for the hemming on the bottom. It was a bit old and delicate but i managed lol. The belt thats a big mess will be hidden by the vest so i just used a more reliable thread which happened to be white. I might tighten the elastic a little bit more so it stays higher up but other than that its all done >:) off to figure out the overskirt


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