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What would you like to see from a new DLC?

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Hello fellow artists! I am posting this both here and on the forum for DS mods. What do you think would be cool to see in a new DLC? Any thoughts for setting, gameplay, new mobs, new characters, seasons, bosses, etc.? 


I had a quick thought of a DLC set underground in a place called the Underdark. Hadn't put a lot of thought into it before wanting to ask all of you but I thought about the season replacing autumn could be some crazy bioluminescent season where there are glow worms and crazy growing mushrooms that are toxic in the season and maybe glowing fish? And winter could be completely pitch black with falling stalactites. Then Spring could be something with fireflies or other light sources (wanting to have some light for starting seasons). Summer could have acid rain like WX-87 in rain? Idk. Underwater caves? 


TLDR: Your thoughts for a DLC below -->

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