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[Game Update] - 111660

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Don't Starve Together Update (Xbox - released February 15, 2024)

For a limited time, log-in to Don't Starve Together and receive the Heart Spade shovel skin. 

We hope you have a lovely time, in Don't Starve Together!


  • A login reward has been added for all players.
  • Adjusted Wilson's Masquerade hair coloration based on community feedback.


  • Fixed the Beefalo Stage's carpet blocking actions on the ground like with the Pitchfork.
  • Fixed Dragonfly Boat Wheel losing its aesthetics when a player uses it.
  • Fixed Woodie missing in the Merrymaker bundle image, we found him going off to chop a new evergreen for the photo.
  • Fixed a crash with Nautopilots and boats being destroyed.
  • Fixed a crash related to pirates when loading a world.
  • Fixed a crash related to Polly Roger's Hat.
  • Fixed a crash when arriving at a boat race checkpoint.

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