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Can i use gunpowder to kill bosses as willow

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While I do not know the answer to your question, this post does make me wonder if Willow could set gunpowder charges around herself (a safe distance away…) and then use the combustion skill to set them all off.

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I just tested it on a beefalo, it causes all the wool to instantly turn to ash. You don't even have a chance to extinguish it. The same thing happened on a clockwork bishop (all of its drops became ash).

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1 hour ago, GimplyGoose said:

What happens if you light them on fire before exploding them? Does the gunpowder fire overwrite the controlled burning fire?

Just tested and can confirm, if you set them on fire with a controlled burn skill, then blow up with gunpowder, they drop their loot. This is somewhat difficult to do with mobs that panic when set on fire such as clockwork because they might run off of the gunpowder by the time it explodes, but for bosses it could be a useful strategy.

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