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Many biomes lack spring ambience sounds

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If you have listened carefully in the game, spring ambience sounds effect of many biomes is the same as that of autumn. This seems to be a omission during the ROG development period. There are annotations for spring sounds in the files, but in reality, they do not exist at all.


     meadow(fall and summer)

     marsh(fall and summer)

      rocky(fall and summer)

However, in recent years, LunarIsland and Waterlogged which have joined the game, have complete four season ambience sounds, and the characteristics of each season are displayed very well. The cold wind in winter, the cheerful bird chirping in spring, and the insect chirping in summer all give players a strong sense of immersion. I hope the old biomes community also has these!

     (Waterlogged )




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LunarIsland ambience sounds:


Compared to other biomes, Lunar Island is the most distinctive and indeed has a drowsy feeling.Some sound effects sound very much like the howling of mutated animals.





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