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[Again] About the Biomes Rework

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Hello everybody! Remember a few days ago I made a list about a Biome Rework? (In this case the DST basic Biomes), so, I recived so much feedback from so many people, that the list not only increased but also the content is now much more balanced, complete and much more polished than before. 


Here is the archive to read how it's going so far, besides, I would love to know your opinion on my ideas, wheter you all liked it or not. 

Biome Rework Ideas for Don't Starve Together - English Version - Version 5.0.pdf

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mm, from brief reading sounds fine.

Personally, I'd want more interaction between more creatures. for instance, like, have hounds hunt like IRL wolfs do (basically staying at a distance until the thing they're hunting ither tries to run away or Tire's out.)

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22 minutes ago, Masked Koopa said:

I think you should format it better it is kind of just a wall of text - adding better headings, diagrams, perhaps an index, would all be substantial improvements

I was expecting that, i will think how to improve that

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