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I love Wx78, the powerless robot

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I love inspecting things with wx78, i love his evil robot personality and his despise for organic life.

after i saw his voicelines with the celestial champion i was reflective, wx starts by cheering it on to crush the organics, but is surprised he is being targeted himself. after that, wx keeps beeging for an aliance with the moon, and its angry that he is being ignored. at last he understand the champion is not interested and destroys it, sad that they didn't work together.

wx is a once cientist now in a robot body, he fantasizes about being powerful, ruling over others, taking advantage of the weak, exploring evilness, he says himself that once he becomes ruler he will take decisions for others. But wx is powerless, he acts like he is of any importance, he wants an ALIANCE with the moon, as if the moon cares about him, he acts as if the others work on his behalf, even tho no one gives a single ****.

wx believes he has something to trade with the moon, what would he offer? his non existent minions? his non existent powers?

he talks with machines as if they were family, he mind has truly changed by being a machine and it shows.

he is a very well written character, in the end he is just man gone insane in a robot body, powerless but with dreams of domination and exploration, its very fun and i love him a lot.

That's why i love WX78, the crazy man-made robot, the megalomaniac machine, THE SOULLESS AUTOMATON.

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7 hours ago, Brago-sama said:

I hope he finds peace, although i dont think itll happen seeing as he threw away his heart.

he will continue to have lore from here on out with wagstaff, it was hinted in the last animated short, his story isn't done yet.


3 hours ago, Golden Daemon said:

Lets see if you can call him powerless AFTER his skilltree comes out.

im so excited for it i literally did one myself, even if it won't change anything i hope wx's skill tree is great

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