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I would like to make a rather interesting suggestion for the devs. As you all know, we have night and day cycles in the game, and we are multiple objects in the space map that are currently static objects. I would like to suggest that perhaps all space map objects, including our own starting asteroid, could orbit a single static object in the center of the space map. Imagine this, a single a space map that would be like 5 times larger than the current one, objects that orbit at different speeds would allow us to access said objects during the time window which they are near each other, which also would allows us to project a traveling route, to reach that moving object as our own asteroids moves too. This is a fascinating idea because would allow a lot more gathering only objects, space debris and even small asteroid clouds that would cause comet season when our asteroid approaches them. Its a very interesting dynamic space map idea.

~ So I hope I have contributed with this idea.

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