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Suggestions for the Wigfried Battle Round Shield

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Wigfrid's Combat Round Shield, as her exclusive weapon, has low durability, deducting too much durability from one attack, and the damage is also very low, and a character's exclusive weapon is not as good as the cheap universal weapon Ham Stick. The cost is not cheap, so most players don't like to use the battle round shield, which is a failure. I think this shield is very creative, but players don't think it's fun, and it should be strengthened, you know, no matter how good the mechanic is, it needs a certain amount of stats to support it! At the moment, the shield durability and damage are too low, and the values are completely crushed by cheaper ham sticks, as an exclusive weapon, the watchmaker Wanda's warning watch is very successful, with good mechanics and high values. I hope that the Kore game is getting better and better, and I hope you can really consider this combat round shield to strengthen the durability and damage, the actual experience is very bad.

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1 hour ago, arubaro said:


The strength of the battle round shield,I believe that I have played in the game,The evaluation of him will not be high.,Most players don't choose to make it.,Of course, if you're just a brain test.,When a cloud player,It's hard to say.

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