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My Don't Starve Wishlist

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I understand Klei is more or less done doing any sort of update or maintenance on the solo game, still I thought I'd throw some things I'd like to see out to the void, maybe a modder who sees this could try to take up the ideas.

Version parity with DST: Various changes or additions to make the two games a bit more inline with each other in terms of the overall survival experience, obviously some content such as the Ocean, Lunar isles, Ancient Archives, various recently added bosses etc wouldn't be included but stuff like the changes to how fire spread functions, world regrowth, maybe some of the alternative resources like juicy berry bushes, grass geckos (as much as i loathe them) etc. Perhaps some oceanic content like the sea fishing rod, salt stacks, and the like knobly tree biome could be brought to Shipwrecked, though shipwrecked is in dire need of major rebalancing in general.

Reap what you Sow(lo): Simple as it gets, reap what you sow content brought to the solo game, the farm plots, nutrient system, new crockpot recipes etc.

Minor character tweaks: Mainly to do with the version parity, not everything makes sense here but changes to say Abigail on their own would be a major improvement, or WX's Modular circuit system, stuff that makes less sense would be Wolfgang's silly minigame bits and bobs and the whole changed mightiness mechanic. Similarly Woodie's new forms don't fit very well to the solo game but changing the beaver to work a bit more like it does in DST so its not just an "as long as you can find wood to eat" infinite duration status maybe it'd be easier for me to play him as a proper character, lol. Some might work very well in general such as Warly, since in DST he won't eat anything that's not a crock dish and in solo he can, if you had to only eat crock dishes with diminishing returns in SW you'd die very quickly from lack of variety.

Compendium/Scrapbook/etc: Having an ingame source of information about things is a nice change to DST and would be useful to have in solo, with information being unlocked contextually, so you might have seen a food item but don't know what its return stats are till you eat it. Would definitely mean fewer trips to a wiki especially for newer players

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Sounds like you need a solo play set of settings toggles in DST more than updating the old single player game

My thinking is that it would be a lot easier to adjust boss health in DST and give optional single player character templates than to bring up OG DS to DST standards for "parity"

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