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Right To Repair For Rond Shield Please


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When I use shields, I have many low-durability shields left.

But switching between low-durability shields in a real fight is bad because the switching causes a cooldown. (this includes auto-equipping when shields are used up). So it becomes agony to use those shields but hard to get rid of them (because trash cans don't exist in the game).


So I think maybe we should allow Rond to repair each other by combining shields? I think it would also make sense to use the material from one shield to repair another shield (like a real warrior... idk).


Anyway, I think the cooldown thing just makes a low-durability shield really awkward to use. I hope they can be combined to repair or deconstructed by hand or something.

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Lure plant trash cans thoo 


They should just add a trashcan skin for lureplants and all the problems are solved 

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