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More initial power that doesn't need to be unlocked... or More useful power in random power choice

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So far, a friend and I have been playing this test for about 12 hours, most of the time in a two-player game. All powers that can be unlocked through Forest Exploration have been unlocked. Bog Exploration's power is also partially unlocked.

We don't know if it's true, but we feel like we encounter fewer synergistic powers in the game now than we did in the first test, making most of power less useful. And the variety of power is greatly reduced, always several of the same power repeated.

Also a large number of allies rescue power to occupy the choice. which we don't do this much more than once or twice in a game, usually at the boss and miniboss levels.


Now we often come across two useless abilities and choose to abandon them to get konjur, or simply choose the konjur route. The fun of getting power and power pairings is greatly reduced.


Hope to add more initial  power to reduce the repetition of random power. And if any, put some of the useful power back into the random power. 

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Vampire Survivors (I know, it's too different from this game, but it's worth mentioning) allows you to recude the pool of possible weapons/upgrades one can get to more streamline choice in the beginning of the game. It doesn't completely, perfectly guarantee you get what you want outright, but it gives better odds. Perhaps one of the "shrines" in our base will allow this? Allowing us a collectable resource or.... I dunno, taking one power to "enshrine" and other powers that synergize well with it or go in that "category" might happen a little more often during runs? Someone in the forums mentioned "thinning out" powers. I don't know how they'd impliment balancing the randomness of the bevy of powers we can choose from versus more control over what we can potentially get that better aids us, but it would cetainly be nice not to get "Constructive Criticism" all the time XD

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