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Werebeaver tail slam nerfed?

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I was playing around a bit and tried using the tail slam on Woodie. It felt much weaker against trees than I was used to, and comparing it to some earlier gameplay I have it appears to be MUCH weaker against trees. It still shreds rocks though. Was this change documented anywhere and if anyone knows when? I haven't been playing for a while so maybe I am misjudging?

(Range is not the issue here, it takes the exact same number of chops to cut down trees no matter the distance according to my testing)

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47 minutes ago, Well-met said:

Klei made changes to the ground pound mechanic for the bearger update, the scripting is shared for all attacks that cause one

When was this done? I recall a change to the slams to make them consistent but don't remember that affecting the beaver tail slam. Though it does make sense thinking about it, I think that change made it so slams didn't attack multiple times at once. The beaver now seems to only gnaw objects once per slam now, where before it would do it multiple times.

EDIT: It still seems to gnaw multiple times in one but it's just happens more inconsistently than before?

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