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my problem with the new shop


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i love the new shop its amazing! but it feels like after it was added there is no reason to go the other marks as the shop just about has everything. even potions. 

The same goes for the big star power room that gives u shields or electric powers, why would someone ever pick the Teffra or the question Mark room over the star room? 

 the question mark room feels so pointless this playtest, especially when u can just about find all the powers u need in the shop with no risks 

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I agree for solo players but when I've played with 3 or 4 in the group, it becomes really not worth going to the shop, especially if we all have a lot of teffra saved up since we won't be able to buy much. I much prefer going to an upgrade room or a regular room with a power at the end since everyone will be able to get something.

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