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Fire Flatselo- grants fire immunity, and 20% increased damage to mobs on fire.

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It would be very fitting to be released with Willow's skilltree. By itself, it is niche and can be used to success. But with Willow, it is a cool synergy that everyone benifits from, which alot of people will potentially use on release. Willow can still enjoy burning frenzy.

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2 hours ago, GimplyGoose said:

Honestly, even with those changes, I don't think it would be worth making. The fire immunity would help out in... Klaus boss fights? Maybe non-standard strategy dfly fights?

It also grants 20% damage against enemies on fire. You missed that part.

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The idea of Fireproof Falsetto always felt so incredibly random to me... Like, every other song thematically fits Wigfrid and combat in one way or another, then we just get a fire immunity song (That is not actual fire immunity) because yes?

For me it seemed like the song was just flawed by design... Even if we ignore the 33% damage reduction being useless, the fact the song can only be used in bossfight combat situations severely limits the usefulness of even a full fire immunity. If Inspiration wasn't so heavily limited so that we could use the songs outside of immediate combat (or outside of boss battles really, since we never get enough inspiration when fighting normal mobs) then we could see some more uses for it.

I do like the idea of giving it 20% damage, i feel like it would need something extra like that to even justify using it.

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