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Buff Suggestions for Starting Soliloquy and Rude Interlude

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These songs are often seen as kind of useless. The startling one has very niche uses, but Maxwell now has the same ability but significantly better.

Here is the buff ideas for these two songs:

Rude Interlude

This song draws aggro of all nearby mobs, which is not that useful since hitting them does the same. Now Wigfrid will be ready for being attacked and also gain +25% damage reduction for a short time after casting.

Startling Solioquy

Now any creatures affected by the fear attack will also take +25% extra damage. Note this wont work on mobs that can not be feared.

Also the fear should be longer, it only lasts for 3 seconds which is barely anything, especially when compared to Maxwell's 20 seconds and slowdown effect.

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