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Warly skill tree idea

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Hello everyone, Im a warly main and since every character seems to be getting a skill tree I wanted to give my ideas with also my resoning behind it since I have been playing warly for a long time as a main and not just switching to him when I need buffs, also for context Im talking from my time playing that has almost aways been in groups where I get the roll to feed and buff as necesary.

Improved cooking stations

Portable crock pot 2.0: Now you can quee multiple times the same recepy in order to save time and there is an storage for cooked dishes, for example putting 10 eggs 10 Carrots 10 morsels and 10 fillers can make 10 pierogis (they are still made 1 by 1 but this can give a lot of free time for warly players to do more things since sometimes as the warly player of my group I get basically slaved full time in the kitchen.

Portable grinding mill 2.0: New seasonings, one to give a small planar deff and/or damage buff (something like 5), also seasoning that restores some spoiling time in foods, this could help great foods like moqueca to be more usefull when batch cooked since they spoil really fast and once they get into yellow from spoiling their stats are not worth.

Portable seasoning station 2.0: Batch seasoning, something really tedious to do has always been seasoning foods since it can only be done 1 at the time and you can only store 1 food and 1 seasoning at the time, same as with crock pot 2.0 idea this could free a lot of time for warly's players and it would be really useful since time is one of the most valuable resources for warly, since he needs to be looking or farming for ingredients as well.

Improved chef pouch: currently the cheff pouch is completely neglated, one idea i have is to make it to have 10-12 spaces instead of the current 6 it has, at the cost that it can only save perishable items, that way its not a better backpack which would completely unbalance the game, but it could be usefull for farming and cooking since space can be a problem when doing this in mass, and also could be usefull to carry all of the buffs and healing foods you and your team need before a fight.

New recipes: I always thougt as warly as kind of a batman in dst, he can be really good at almost any situation as long as he prepares for it, so if he is to get new recipes they would need to work on things he cant do well or decent enough even with preparation, one example is to keep his sanity low (for getting shadows or in lunar biomes), normally this is really easy for a lot of survivors by eating glomers goop or mushrooms, but for warly is specially dificult since he can only eat crockpot dishes and the ones that provide negative sanity also usually have a side effect and are not as easy to mass as like mushrooms. you can always use an amulet or a bonehelm but both are using one important slot for equipement. Also it would be nice to have a food with good hunger values that has a really long durability like the powder cake, for long trips you need to do without having to carry tons of ingredients and a crokpot or having to defeat the bee queen first. Also a speed boost food or seasoning could be something he is missing and that could be useful in general.

Farmer and/or butcher skills: Would be intersting to have a skill that could help him get more food out of hunts and farms, for example getting 1-2 more meat out of hunts and 1-2 more out of giant crops, this could help get more ingredients in total to be able to make more recipes since its his main feature.

Favorite food mechaninc for warly: He is the only survivor without any tipe of favorite food, I get that this is because he likes to eat different things instead of the same over and over, but it could be intersting to add a bonus for him if he eats diferent foods without eating the same for a while, normally warly mains just eat 2 meaty stew and then ignore food until starving and then repeat, this is fine but I think there should be a bonus for not repiting buffs, maybe like 10% stats increase, or some slow health and sanity regen from eating healthy.

Would like to hear what you think or if you guys have any other ideas.



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Warly Skill Tree 25 skills, 15 points

Yield Tree (requires 3 yield points, 2 rows connected at the end)

Butcher 1: 10% chance of getting a extra piece of meat (upon killing)

Butcher 2: 20% chance of getting a extra piece of meat (upon killing)

Butcher 3: 30% chance of getting a extra piece of meat (upon killing)


Crop collector 1: 10% chance of getting a extra piece of farm crop (upon collecting)

Crop collector 2: 20% chance of getting a extra piece of farm crop (upon collecting)

Crop collector 3: 30% chance of getting a extra piece of farm crop (upon collecting)

Dine for 2: allows Warly's 2nd meal to be 100% stats then the 3rd will be 90%


Season Tree (requires 3 season skill points to access, 2 rows connected at the end)

Less to craft: grinding mill requires 1 less gold and 1 less doodad

Corn starch Powder: reduces hunger drain by -20% (3 cobs gives 2 spices) [makes Warly as hungry as Wilson for a time]

En-Durian Powder: 25% speed boost (3 durians gives 2 spices)


It's Grind 'n' Season: grinding and seasoning becomes instant

Pomegranate Powder: 25% boost to sanity on dishes (3 pomegranate give 2 spices)

Pumpkin All-Spice Powder: 100% damage resistance on your next hit (3 Pumpkins give 2 spices)

Grinding Mill Plus: gets a extra spice totalling to 3 instead of 2

Crockpot Plus: cooks 25% faster (50% faster instead of 25%)


Diet Tree (requires 3 diet skill points to access, 2 rows connected at the end)

Spicy taste: Hot Dragon Chili Salad gives Frost immunity

Acquired taste: Monster Tartar reduce health and sanity penalty by 10

Fishy taste: Moqueca doesn't require tomatoes 


Chilled taste: Asparagus-pacho gives Fire immunity

Starchy taste: Puffed potatoes Souffle gives +20 extra health

Grim taste: Grim-galette doesn't require potatoes 

Cravings: Warly will get the favourite food buff (+15 hunger) but it'll change every time he eats that meal (icon will tell you)

Portable Toaster Oven (Warly only): cooks 5 ingredients at a time, it's like a tiny campfire (1 gear, 2 gold, 4 charcoal)


Alignment Tree

Lunar Seasoning: gives Lunar planar defence + Shadow planar attack to dishes (1 pure brilliance = gives 2 spices)

Shadow Seasoning: gives Shadow planar defence + Lunar planar attack to dishes (1 pure horror = gives 2 spices)



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56 minutes ago, Dr.Webber said:

What if you could get food followers for the alignments or Pure horror marinade and pure brilliance salt (I came up with something similar for switching alignments for a Pseudo alinement for the post linked in my signature)

Horror Pigs Friends?

Lunar Pigs Friends?

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