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Update 1.10.0 (Nintendo Switch - released November 9, 2023)

Hey everyone, thank you very much for your patience. Content for two updates are included in today's 1.10.0 update for Don't Starve Together Nintendo Switch Edition! This new update includes From Beyond: Host of Horrors as well as the return of Hallowed Nights! Check out more information about each of these below: 

Hallowed Nights Returns!


Players can once again discover tricks and treats around The Constant. Fill your candy bag to the brim and satisfy your sweet tooth with all sorts of sugary seasonal treats!


  • Hallowed Nights have been enabled.
  • Bright-Eyed Frog no longer sleeps.
  • Armored Bearger butt stomp no longer damages twice (previously ground pound damage was also added separately).
  • Decorative flowers will not wilt in vases or end tables unless they are light producers.
  • Lunar Hail debris will no longer uproot traps.
  • Vines spawned by Wormwood's Lunar Guardian II will no longer draw aggro to themselves.
  • All hunts that end in a dangerous spawn will now show the new footprints.  The speed at which you complete the hunt will determine its outcome.
  • Added a Setting in HUD section for toggling Point of Interest icons.  (You are still able to obtain Scrapbook entries when examining them even if the icons are disabled.)
  • Shadow Chester is now Shadow aligned.
  • Idle Vargs will now wander instead of standing still.
  • Increased the odds of hunts having another Dirt Pile if they get into small areas of land.

From Beyond: Host of Horrors!

"Host of Horrors" Content Update Available Now on Nintendo Switch! New horrors await! As more rifts appear across the Constant, monsters have started rising from the dead, becoming vessels for unearthly apparitions. You'd better not let your guard down... What's New?

  • More Scrapbook categories added: "Things" and "Points of Interest"
  • Discover the "Saw Horse" crafting station for constructing tables and chairs plus a few other new fun items.
  • Craft a working Gramophone.
  • New Lunar mutations brought on by the Rifts:
    • Two giant mutations
    • One hunt mutation
    • New weather phenomenon
  • New craftables at the Brightsmithy, available from defeating the new mutations.
  • New armor set with an assist from Wagstaff.

Dress Spooky!
Temporary spooky costumes are also available to everybody for a limited time, so enjoy them before the event ends and they go back from whence they came!

Join the party!


All Survivors Guest of Honor Chest” ($15.99usd)
This Guest of Honor Chest contains every survivor's complete set of Guest of Honor skin items.

Trick out your base!


That's not all. During Hallowed Nights, logging in for the first time will earn you a "Trick or Treat Chest" containing the new Hallowed Woodworking collection.


And more treats!
Items from the Hallowed Nights Collection and Costume Collection will have increased drop rates for the duration of the event as well!

We're getting ready for our next update, so for now just hang tight; we'll have more info for you soon.


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