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[Hamlet] Adding Shops + Editing Existing Ones?


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Basically what it says on the tin: has anyone ever tried to add new shops to Hamlet? Or edited the prices/inventory/item chance of the existing shops? What I myself have in mind is a sort of farm supply store that sold seeds and other farm-adjacent items, as well as some sort of certificate of ownership for Beefalo(which would be kept outside in a pen near the shop) and other Beefalo items like saddles. However, now that I think about it, I can think of a few other ideas for what could be done with the shops, like making certain stronger items more rare, adding or removing stock, or increasing/decreasing prices depending on a player's gameplay preferences.

Semi-related to this, but is it possible to spawn in bundles with items already inside? What I had in mind is pig merchants being able to stock structure-type items in a way via selling bundles full of the required materials(ex.: an Ice Box bundle that contains a cut stone, gear, and gold nugget, sold for 100 Oincs). This would also make wax paper somewhat renewable, albeit at a hefty price depending on the item bought.

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