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Regarding obtaining BP given by Pearl

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She is cautious about handing over BP.
But why should he be so careful about her "dear friend" who extended her house, planted flowers and berries to make it easier for her to get honey, removed dangers, and cleaned it for her? Is it?

She also went to the danger of her friend's ruins and set up her chair for her.
She might be able to sit there when she gets tired from fishing or when she wants to stare out at the ocean. Even if the design didn't suit her taste, it would be strange to think nothing of her friend's concern.

Think about it in real life.
It may be difficult in terms of the game system, but if you are progressing through pearl-related events and your friendship level is increasing, is it possible to increase your chances of obtaining BP?

If I were Pearl, I would be grateful to my friend for working so hard for me, and would happily give her BP.

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11 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

Pearl and Crab King are a Reference to the movie Titanic, in which Pearl Survives.. but her boyfriend tragically Drowns.

But aside from that- Pearl in DST is a total jerk, no wonder her Boyfriend left her and won’t return her letters!

Her name is Rose in the movie and she has a blue sapphire necklace with diamonds around it called the heart of the sea. XD

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