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The ROG trailer theme is criminally underused

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It occurred to me the other day that the Reign of Giants trailer theme, as good it is, is virtually never used. As far as I remember the track isn't used  anywhere else besides the trailer. I think that's awfully unfortunate.

With the addition of the Gramophone I think a record for the theme would be a great addition.

Also, if Biiigfoot is ever re-added into the game and for whatever reason needs a theme I feel like this track would compliment it nicely. It would be amusing if there was a lonely island in the ocean with only a mangled looking Gramophone laying dormant. Once activated this theme plays, stomps can be heard approaching the island, the player announces the approaching doom, and if the Gramophone is allowed to get to the apex of the song, Biiigfoot stomps on the island and just continues on it's way like in single player.

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