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Polar Bearger Bin buff please klei it just not worth otherwise

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This is as far end game as you get as of right now you would get bundle wrap way way earlier I'm suggesting make the polar bearger bin just like bundle wrap I don't see why that would be such a bad thing it takes 8 bosses 2 specific seasons just to craft and a bunch of tasks if turning on rifts its still 6 bosses. In my eyes I just don't think its worth as of right now, so in a normal basic settings world 8 bosses all of pearls tasks crab king, archives tasks finding lunar killing Celestial champion then being in autumn and then winter and killing a varg with having a active rift to kill the new buff version just to get 1 of these crafts not to stop food spoilage when you can just kill 1 giant bee and have enough wraps to last multiple life times and all the food you need it stops the spoilage of what ever you wrap not only crock pot dishes so again just make it like bundle wrap keli. My full suggestion is make it regeneration of spoiled food like I said we can get bundle wrap a lot easier then this so I suggest making it actually a good end game item it can be super slow but still make it desirable for the players that make it this far to want a item that bring the freshness back up it could be super slow but still and item that is desirable for end game content. 


I forgot you can get giftwrap if you turn on winters feast so day 1 food spoilage gone.  


I did suggest a better crockpot and I didn't care if it was end game content that you put a bunch of ingredients in and it puts the food into a fridge so if this ties into that suggestion I understand if that's upcoming content but it should still stop spoilage in my opinion. 

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Buff wouldn't change too much, since x20 slower spoilage rate means if you can eat meat and have default hunger drain (no slurper belt or mushroom hats), you can fully fill a bin with 6 stacks of beacon & eggs, which will give you enough food for 240 days (227 days if playing as someone other than WX), and the last beacon & eggs will still be at 40% freshness by the time you eat it.

Also, the bin is obviously not the only reward that you get for doing the CC questline, so it'd still be worth doing even if the bin didn't exist at least because of the deerclops spark ark item and enlightened crown.

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On the end game, it become very tiring having to spent a rope and craft the thing again and again every x days. I don't think the bearger polar bin should be buffed. They already buffed it in the beta. Plus, it also gives more storage allowing you to carry warly's buffs on you for nothing.

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