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Game Doesn't Handle Mods Well?

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I have a list of mods that I use on my laptop. They have worked together just fine up to ~ 450 cycles.

ISSUE 1: Then one/two mods get an update and now the game asks me to uncheck ALL of the mods. 
ISSUE 2: I can't play the game on my desktop with those mods, as it asks me to uncheck all of them.

And so, I go back to the previous revision of the game. This idea worked for a while until a mod or two got an update, and then ISSUES 1&2 occur. So now I am stuck. I can't finish the game on either the laptop or desktop.

Is there a way to allow all the mods (that were working together at first) to simply keep working? Or, heck, I would love to toss the ones newly updated so that I can save myself from unchecking all of my other mods that were working fine.

Thanks for any insight, as of now, the game is unplayable with mods that were working fine.



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Thanks, Saura_SK.

I have different Mod Managers, and that is one of them. 

The problem is that ONI shuts down all/nearly all of the mods (tells me to uncheck nearly all of them) in order to start a game. This is strange game behavior, as I have been using these same mods for 400 cycles up to this point.

I don't know what you mean about how to get to the log file, but that's OK. Here is the Collection Link:

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Log file (located in %appdata%\..\locallow\klei\Oxygen Not Included on Windows) will have a list of activated mods on the save and activated mod currently on your game and look like this:

image.png.389e415cab4244cbaab9feff9c662ff0.png  image.png.44d2b81455fde79b4558980fe1bd2f3b.png

Log file will also contain which mod is crashing. Eg. Favorite resources will crash the game if you pinned something you haven't discovered yet (I'm not sure if that was fixed by the mod author but there were several bug reports about it). After the October update of the game, there were several mods that needed updating in order not to crash. Just because mods worked fine until a point doesn't mean they can't crash

6 hours ago, Msrc said:

that is one of them

one of what? Mod manager by Ony and Mod profile manager are not compatible

Edit: Oh! If it started crashing on October, then it's also festive decor. That one is not fixed fixed yet

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Thanks for the log file location; this is extremely helpful. I basically need to delete those mods that say "Warning", except for those "Recoverable Parse Errors" /others that the program rolls through.

Strange Game, though - it has multiple mods which I had unsubscribed to a while ago. And, I noticed these near the top of the log file and also in the Warning area of the log:

[11:39:32.541] [1] [INFO] Latent reinstall of mod Oxygen Not Needed
[11:39:32.542] [1] [INFO] Latent reinstall of mod 气体液化机 Gas Liquefaction Machine
[11:39:32.542] [1] [INFO] Latent reinstall of mod Electrolyzer V2
[11:39:32.542] [1] [INFO] Latent reinstall of mod Planning Tool


I deleted the Player.log file, thinking that the refresh would get rid of these unsubscribed mods; they are still showing up in the log. Is there another file I should delete (cache somewhere?) that will permanently delete these mods?

Thanks again sakura_sk for slowing it down to help me!

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16 minutes ago, Msrc said:

I deleted the Player.log file

When did I say to delete anything..? It's just a log of what happens in the game. It doesn't control anything.

Warning and errors doesn't mean a mod crashes. And if you delete mod files, the game doesn't like that. If you want to "delete" a mod, unsubscribe from it on steam

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Deleting the log file was fine; did no harm. Simply reposts it. 

Yes, unsubscribed already; still shows up in the log file. There is likely a file location where these unsubscribed mods can be deleted from the game files.

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1 hour ago, Marc1 said:

still shows up in the log file

It's likely Mod manager is responsible for that. You need to unsubscribe through that mod or something, otherwise the mod seems like it's still on your subscriptions. But I don't use Mod manager so I can't be sure 100% sure

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