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Wortox - Guest of Honor skin critique

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Hello everyone!

Today we got graced by new batch of skins!
I really like the designs, but I believe there are minor aspects that need fixin' to achieve maximal appeal and reduce "clutterness"
and as Wortox enjoyer I want to share my perspective for this skin.

Bunch of small changes with hair and hooves being the most outstanding
(Examples below)

List of Changes:

1. Horns
I made base of the right horn thicker so it looks more symmetric

2. Hair
It's very subjective thing but there are 2 things that bother me
a) Contrast is too high and it clashes with harmony of skin's vocal points (Eyes and bows)
b) I'm under impression that the hair... looks greasy and doesn't match the other dark elements

so I muted the highlight to make hair more cohesive

3. Mustache
I lowered the mustache so proportions are closer to the realistic ones

when you look how real-life mustaches grow,
you can notice that the mustache is right above lips, not right under the nose

I think it feels more natural

4. Bows
Oh dear... the harmony issue again

Bows are supposed to be secondary accessories that decorate the character
but because of how bright they're they compete for attention with Wortox' eyes that are already pure white and that creates chaos

I muted them a bit to make the skin less cluttered and bring sense of harmony
Now you can focus on Wortox' face better and then your sight gets guided to his fur coat and then bows


5. Torso
Clashing proportions...
You could simplify entire Wortox' silhouette to  guide lines that look like diamond  (which I will present later)
and because of that I believe this design clashes with shape's dynamics

You can see that the prefix version has both wide fur and wide coat which ends up looking... not dynamic and blockier

So I make the coat's shape slimmer at hips so fur as the big feature can present itself even better
also I feel like this change makes skin look less cluttered

6. Hooves
Remember the Diamond shape?
again they don't match the guide lines of silhouette and they look out of place with how pointy and long they are

So I made them shorter and rounder to keep everything in place

Wortox 1.png

Wortox 2.png

Wortox 3.png

Wortox 4.png

Edited by Lordowsky
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