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WX-78 Skill Tree ideas

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Hello, this is my first post on the Klei forums! I hope it's a fun read and feel free to pitch in with your own ideas in the comments :D

WX-78 is definitely my favorite character in this game. I really like their kit and the concept of a "build your own character" is really interesting to me. Seeing as WX got a bit of special attention in the latest update short, something tells me I only have so much time to throw out some ideas for what their skill tree could look like. Without further ado, here's said ideas:

The Generic Upgrades

Depending on the character, some of the skills are usually more about some sort of stat increase as opposed to new things for them to do. I'll get the idea I like the least out of the way, a waterproofing set of skills. I generally don't think removing a character's  downside makes them more fun to play, but a line of skills that increase the wetness threshold before you start sparking could be a nice, safe batch of skills to take.

Other sets of skills in this group could be skills based on getting charge back faster, further decreasing the aggro range for clockworks, or getting more bio data from scanning. Speaking of bio data...

At Least One Jimmy Skill

So you've got your little buddy, the bio-scanalyzer. I love this thing, and I kind of wish there was a purpose to carrying it around everywhere after you have enough bio data to last you a lifetime. With this in mind, I think it would be really cool if there was at least one skill that allowed a secondary utility to your bio-scanalyzer. One idea that I think works a little too well is being able to use the bio-scanalyzer alongside the new W.A.R.B.I.S. armor in some way. Both of them rely on you focusing on a single creature, as far as I can tell it's a match made in heaven. Maybe make it increase the effects of the armor, or increase the speed at which the effects of the armor get applied.

Alternative Fuel Source Skills

WX-78's ability to eat gears has made them a bit notorious, but it makes me wonder why WX can't eat any other non-food materials. I think it'd be interesting if they had skills that let them eat other things, explained as WX installing some other sort of generator inside of them to supplement their usual chemical reactor. Perhaps getting a small bit of hunger from logs or nitre as they burn it for fuel, or something even more outlandish like Nightmare Fuel.

Alignment Skills

I believe that WX would be more than happy to align with either the moon or the shadows, so I'm going to be considering both here. It also helps with my ideas, since I had a sort of a dichotomy in mind. The ability for WX to plug in circuits is obviously their main appeal, and being able to swap them around at will. I think that with the shadow and lunar alignments, there's a great opening to solidify two different playstyles in regards to these circuits. I think that the shadow alignment should empower your abilities for keeping circuits in, while the lunar alignment should empower your abilities to swap circuits around to adapt to a variety of situations. I think this because while shadow magic seems to have a focus on raw power, as shown with the strength of ruins gear, lunar magic seems to be a bit more subtle and niche in its applications, as shown by how it is more difficult to access and has more specific uses. This is probably just because lunar magic stuff got added to the game later, but it fits my narrative nicely. These are the skills that I put the most thought into, so here's what I have for them:

Shadow Chassis: Gives +2 circuit slots. That's it.

Lunar Hardware: Circuits no longer lose durability upon being unplugged (they still lose durability when you die), you can regain charge by eating moongleams.

I specifically noted that you can regain charge by eating moongleams because if you're going to be swapping your circuits a lot like Lunar Hardware would allow you to, you'd need a way to regain your charge back, and while there are other ways to regain charge quickly, I was particularly inspired by WX-78's quote for moongleams, "THIS ENERGY IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MY CIRCUITS". Plus, Klei is already not opposed to giving moongleams a purpose outside of the lunar events, seeing as they can be used on the Moon Quay portal.

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The W.A.R.B.I.S idea is genius. Also, " I think this because while shadow magic seems to have a focus on raw power, as shown with the strength of ruins gear, lunar magic seems to be a bit more subtle and niche in its applications" The world of Don't Starve is called "The Constant", and its ruled by nightmare fuel, and the moon is called "Alter". "Constant" and "to alter - Change". So your idea fits even more.

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I think it would be cool if jimmy had a laser or maybe give him the ability to use one of wx’s circuits, the ability to lead a army  of his copy’s, and maybe give jimmy a different bodies wx can  build for him

you know something to separate him from his clones 

I also think wx should be able to build different kinds of robots 

If this franchise went in to 2010 or beyond I would of   suggested  a cognitive empathy module

a perfected  model of that hunk of garbage that wx once thrown out, all the understanding none of the clouding feelings 

able to view others emotions for point of cold logical understanding

perfect for your manipulation needs  






anyway I don’t know how it would all fit in game but thing is it would replace some  un-understanding quote with intuitive one like that stage performance I think there more but can’t think of any 


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