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QOL Item Idea: Cave Bridge

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This building's function is simple. Lets you traverse through small gaps in terrain, maybe 3 tiles or so? 5?  Just like the docks/boats can.

The caves do not have shallow waters that allowed the docks to be unable to be abused to create huge bridges. Because of that, I think the bridge should be built just like the new pillars, You need a scaffold first.

It will let you place a scaffold only if the two terrain points you want to connect are in the bridge's maximum range, and the longer the bridge, the more resources it will need. I think it should be similar in crafting cost to the docks, if not more expensive.


Nice downside to this would be just good old earthquakes that make your bridge damaged when a falling rock hits it. So the downside can be either mitigated by repairing the bridge, or just building the new pillars.

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Would definitely be appreciated. I can't seem to find it now, but I recall making a similar topic, or post at one time. The idea was for a suspension bridge that you'd have to build from both ends, either requiring two players, a lazy explorer (or imp), or to be willing to walk from one side of the bridge to the other a few times. You'd first need to lay down the anchors on the land at each side by using a Bridge Starter Kit, requiring some kinds of higher end materials like Thulecite or even Dreadstone, maybe some walrus tusks, then throw ropes from one side and secure at the other, and then you'd be able to place the adjoining segments via Bridge Segment Kits, largely made from many boards and rope. The need to repair it from time to time was also a factor.

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