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Wortox - Bugged Clothes List

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The problem is simple
Certain skins don't adapt their fur/skin color accordingly to the headwear
(like in screenshot below)

This also applies to Wurt, Wormwood, WX-78 and Webber
also Wickerbottom - The Moonbound, Wigfrid - The Snowfallen and Winona - The Creature

which eliminates a lot of potential clothing combinations,
so here's the list

Antiquated Armor
Brawler's Harness
Breezy Lunar Armor
Shredded Skirt
Torn Costume
Worn Workwear
WX-78's Gorge Garb*
Webber's Gorge Garb*

Gorge Garbs are char specific, but in their icon shows them as transparent/applicable for everyone

Alchemist's Handwraps
Aristocrat's Haughty Sleeves
Battlemaster's Gauntlets
Bewitching Sleeves
Brawler's Knucklewraps
Chunky Moonrock Bracelets
Crescent Guards
Cuffed Glovelettes
Daisy Bracelets
Duelist Hand Covers
Fixer's Gloves
Forlorn Doll Sleeves
Frost Giant Hands
Gemstone Bracelets
Giant's Gloves
Harvest Bracelets
Homebody Handrings
Icy Fingers
Leather Hand Wraps
Metallurgist's Handwraps
Orchardist's Bangles
Ruffled Cuffs
Shipwright's Cuffs
Strongman Handwraps
Thulecite Bangles
Usurper's Handwraps
Volcanologist's Gloves
Winter Warden Wraps
Wrist Ruffles
Driving Gloves

Shipwright's Trousers
Grove Sentinel Leggings

Swash-buckled Shoes
Battlemaster's Sandals
Dryad's Sandals
Duelist's Sandals
Fighter's Sandals
Free Roaming Feet
Frost Giant Feet
Grove Sentinel Sandals
Metallurgist's Sandals
Pheonix's Shoes
Supernatural Dress Shoes
Usurper's Sandals
Woeful boots
Mary Janes


Edited by Lordowsky
to mention other characters that have that problem
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