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At some point will the horrible Input Lag be corrected?

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What is the reason for so much delay when moving or kitting, will there be a solution after so many updates to avoid the serious problem? Once you move for about 2 seconds and stop using the joystick the character will continue moving a little, plus if you move in a non-linear way the movement is stranger than on PC... when attacking the delay it is incredibly tedious, You almost do half the damage than on any other Console or PC...


I hope that if any Klei developer reads it, they take it well since it's great to be able to play DST on Switch! but that things as basic as moving the character and attacking are in such a terrible state discourages playing too much (Predictive does not count since it is an option on PC as well)


If any player reads it, leave your complaints regarding the topic or your misfortunes caused by this topic!

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