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Can dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua be removed from Steam Validate?

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This is a very low-priority request that hopefully gets considered at some point in a future update or hotfix but it would save server admin plenty of time when updating mods.

Currently the file dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua file is checked by Steam when updating with the Validate parameter. This will often result in the file being overwritten by the blank template version of the file, at which point the mods will no longer update on restart. I have been remedying this by restoring a backup of the file after every game update, and I would remove the validate parameter all together but many server hosts do not offer a backend option to update without validate.

I appreciate the effort to provide in-code documentation for server admin which is why I assume this file is still part of the Steam files. The thing is, this is not a game file, it’s a config file like worldgenoverride.lua and modsettings.lua , neither of which get validated by Steam. Perhaps it would be easier to remove this config file from Steam and provide documentation for it elsewhere?

Appreciate everything you guys do to improve the backend experience and hope you can take this one into consideration!

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