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Wanda's Hallowed Nights Skin Suggestion

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Hallowed Nights (hereafter abbreviated as HN) is around the corner, and I'm once again hoping Wanda gets her HN skin set this year.
She was added to the character roster in september 2021, making the previously finished HN collection incomplete again, but the latest batch of costume skins (mob cosplays) included hers, finishing that collection at least.
Last year's event neglected her chance at a HN skin again, rendering the collection still incomplete.

Something from the existing HN skins that I appreciate is how the theme of the costume either synergizes with the survivor itself (e.g. Wilson, Wendy, WX-78 ect...), or builds on the dislikes, "fears" or just the opposite natures of the survivor in question, for example:

Woodie the Lumberjack as a Hippie Tree-hugger
Webber the Kindhearted Spider as a Punk Rebel Spider
Willow the Idiosyncratic Pyromaniac as a Monotonous Goth 
Wigfrid the Carnivorous Warrior as a Farm Defender... made of straw

(this personality-flip phenomenon can also be seen a few times in the Shadow/Triumphant collection)

So what would be a good archetype for a HN skin for Wanda? Or, more specifically, what would SHE likely want to dress up as?

Embracing her existing character as "time traveler" feels a little niche in terms of a costume, since time travelers themselves could look just like anybody. Wilson's default appearance looks like a regular person while his HN skin is probably what his own power-fantasy alter ego were to look like. Default Wanda already exhibits the ideal style of an early 20th century time-travelling watchmaker, from her clock-clad apron to her specialized clip-on magnifying glasses. There's really nothing to add to her existing attire, because everything is already there.

Despite not getting a HN skin in 2022, I myself didn't have any good ideas last year as to what would fit her specifically.
Only just recently when stumbling across one of the event trinkets in the scrapbook did it dawn on me:


The Cubic Zirkonia Ball

I believe a fortune teller would make excellent reference for Wanda's HN skin for two primary reasons:

1. It counteracts her existing character "almost" perfectly, the main opposing argument being that while fortune tellers practice astrology (a type of pseudoscience) and "time travel" would likely fall under the scientific field of physics, Wanda still relies entirely on the shadow magic of the Don't Starve franchise, which already makes her a practitioner of magic.
That aside, with her past (and future) experiences and expertise of time manipulation, Wanda should already be a strong proponent against the practices of fortune tellers and clairvoyance in general, which does her a favor when it comes to choosing a HN costume.

2. She could pull off the look really easily, not only in the sense that she would look natural in colorful blouses, enchanting robes, jewelry and other mystic attire, but also because the more common depictions of romanticized fortune tellers are that of women ranging between youthful and elderly, which again, is a ground Wanda can cover with ease.

While it may or may not be too late for Klei to take community feedback for creating a skin for a cosmetically complicated character like Wanda before this year's Hallowed Nights, this post can also serve (ironically) as my prediction in case a new skin is or was already in the works.
Regardless, I look forward to Thursday's update and commend Klei's artists for their efforts, the skin releases of the last two years have been, in my opinion, their best works so far!

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